OPEN CALL RESULTS: MC&S Lab Songwriting Camp in Guimarães

Music Export Poland, Le centre national de la musique (CNM Eng) and Why Portugal are proud to announce the list of participants that attend the songwriting camp which will be held in Guimarães, Portugal from 13 to 19 March 2022.

List of qualified participants:

  • Blanca Pereira
  • Rui Gaspar
  • Larissa Taveira
  • Carolina Costa
  • Sylvia Novak
  • Paweł Swiernalis
  • Tomasz Kamiński
  • Marta Kosakowska
  • Theo / LeMarquis
  • Karoline Rose / SUN 
  • Pierre-Alain Mambou
  • Géraldine Baux 

We are happy to see you all in Guimarães!