Are You Export Ready? - workshop with Magda Chołyst from Artist in Bloom studio

In recent years, the export of Polish music has become a widely discussed topic. The success stories of individual artists, intensive festival tourism or the growing awareness of the international business standards among the Polish industry increase the interest and appetite for an international career.

Past experience shows that artists and managers still find it difficult to evaluate their own export potential, which often leads to misguided investments or lack of long-term effects.

Together with Artist in Bloom Studio, we address the need of artists and managers to answer the key questions: what do I need to know and have in order to stand a real chance to develop a career abroad?

The programme:

The formula of the workshop resembles a "checklist". Each participant will have an opportunity to learn about the key tools that support creative analysis and evaluation of export potential:
- development strategy on foreign markets (do you know what you want to achieve, how and for what purpose?)
- geographical target (in which country would you like to develop your career?)
- artistic potential (is my music suitable for export?)
- infrastructure around the artist? (what kind of team do I need to build around me to be successful?)

Who is this workshop for?
The workshop is aimed at:
- artists and managers who feel ready to export and would like to test their intuition
- artists and managers who have started their international adventure and would like to strengthen their competences and knowledge

When and where:
Thursday 23 May / 16:00 - 20:00
Music Export Poland Office; Senatorska Street 2, Warsaw

To register, please fill in the application form:
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Workshop concept and guidance:
Magda Chołyst, Artist in Bloom Studio.
Certified Ericsson International coach. Educator and process designer in the innovative trend of the Danish school Kaos Pilots. Lecturer in artistic faculties and researcher of the most important competences in creative industries.
The Artist in Bloom Studio supports artists in the process of translating bold creative visions into concrete projects, goals and well-thought-out action strategies.
She has cooperated with Hungarian Oncoming Tunes, Don't Panic! We're From Poland, Enea Spring Break Festival, MENT Ljubljana, Budapest Showcase Hub, Other Sounds Festival and Warsaw Music Week.
As a strategic partner of the international mentoring project Outbreakers' Lab (HOTs), she is responsible for the annual selection of experts and an educational programme supporting young artists in conscious career development on European markets.