Below you will find PDF files with: lists of music venues (Poland); radio stations (Poland); PR, booking and management agencies (Poland); showcase festivals (World).

List of music venues is separated into:

1. Music clubs 

2. Philharmonic venues

3. Arenas, halls, auditoriums

4. Radio concert halls

5. Concert halls, stages, others

6. Theatres, opera houses

7. Concert halls of music schools & universities

Each list includes contact details and a basic description of every venue. 

The last three files are:
1. Radio stations (Poland)

2. PR/booking/management agencies (Poland)

3. Showcase festivals (World) 

We’d like to inform that this database is being constantly developed and will get bigger with time. 

Music clubs (ENG).pdf
Philharmonics (ENG).pdf
Arenas, halls, auditoriums (ENG).pdf
Radio Concert Halls (ENG).pdf
Concert halls, stages, other (ENG).pdf
Theatres, opera houses (ENG).pdf
Concert Halls of music schools & universities (ENG).pdf
Radio stations.pdf
PR, booking, management agencies.pdf
Showcase festivals.pdf