Call for Artisjus Songwriting Camp 2023

On behalf of the Association of Hungarian Music Composers Artisjus, Music Export Poland invites you to participate in the call for songwriters (top liners, producers and lyricists) for a songwriting camp held at:

Petnehazy Hotel in Budapest, 23rd May (Tuesday) - 27th May (Saturday) 2023.

During the workshop, two Polish writers will have the opportunity to work with 19 creators from different European countries.


As part of the event, the organisers provide:

• studios equipped with listening monitors, microphones, midi keyboards;

• recording sessions from 23rd May – 27th May 2023;

• catering during the recording sessions;

• the opportunity to get to know all the participants of the camp thanks to the daily change of line-ups;

• listening session, during which the participants and other representatives of the music indu- stry will have the opportunity to listen to songs written during the event;

• flight between Warsaw and Budapest from 23rd May – 27th May 2023;

• accommodation from 23rd May – 27th May 2023.


We invite you to send applications by filling in the form - here!

English language skills and participation from other songwriting camps are required. The deadline for submitting applications is March 18.

The results of the call will be announced on March 30.


If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: