Music Export Conference

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the National Centre for Culture have the pleasure to invite you to the 2nd edition of the conference on music export entitled “Music Export Conference.” A conference co-organiser, as in the last year, is the Capital City of Warsaw, a conference host – the Centre of Creativity at Targowa Street 56 in Warsaw.

The conference will be held on 5-6 October and the music events accompanying the conference are scheduled on 5-8 October 2017.

As in the last year, a partner of the conference is the capital festival “Warsaw Music Week” in the framework of which there are planned showcase concerts of prominent Polish artists and foreign guests, as well as workshops “Warsaw Music Week Pro” for the representatives of the Polish music industry. More details about the festival  and workshops will be presented shortly.  

Moreover, this year’s conference will abound in creative workshops focused on songwriting and international collaboration. On 1-4 October, there will be organised a songwriting camp for Polish musicians interested in export during which Polish artists, composers, producers, performers will have an occasion to create musical pieces together with prominent foreign guests.
The results of the first camp will be presented on the first day of the Music Export Conference. Furthermore, during the conference, there will be announced the competition for the Polish musicians interested in the 2nd songwriting camp that will be held on 4-8 December in Warsaw. More details about the camp can to be announced soon.

In addition, workshops on song translation will take place on the first day of the conference. The workshops will be Japanese-market-oriented and led by outstanding musicians. The workshops are organised by SONY ATV.

Katowice, the UNESCO City of Music, is to host the world music fairs WOMEX at the end of October. How to prepare for the participation in the fairs? What is the best way of taking advantage of the fairs and how should the knowledge obtained during the fairs be used for the most effective promotion abroad? You will be able to discuss about these issues during
the second day of the conference that will include workshops preparing for the participation in WOMEX fairs.

A substantial part of the last year’s conference was devoted to challenges and issues of the Polish music industry in terms of export. In this year, we will try to summarise what happened on the Polish music market over the past year with a view to the increase in export of Polish music and also consider what activities should be taken in the future to enable Polish musicians to become more successful abroad.

We will talk about existing and new support instruments of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for music industry and also about report on
the export of Polish music
. We will present the first results of the programme “The Development of Creative Industries”, including the project “Music Export Poland.We will summarize changes on the Polish music market in relation to the world market. We will discuss about the second largest music market in the world – Japan and the most prospective market for music export – China. We will deliberate what chances and challenges the musician faces to become known in Asia. We will analyse the international activity of Polish music producers and also the role of radio stations in the promotion of music export. We will focus on showcase festivals and the changing role of music fairs. We will also talk about the role of cities in the support of musicians’ building up their standing in the country and abroad, collaborative networks, as well as about international collaborations and songwriting.

The conference programme is available here.

Admission to the conference is free of charge. However, prior registration through a registry form is requested.