Workshop: “Introduction to the contemporary landscape of the music industry & modern music marketing” (Nuno Saraiva)

MC&S Lab presents: 
“Introduction to the contemporary landscape of the music industry & modern music marketing” by Nuno Saraiva (SCL Agency). The workshop will take place on May 14th, at 11:00 CEST.

The music business ecosystem has grown more complex than ever before. The "3 Towers" of the Music Industry will be surveyed and discussed by Nuno Saraiva, from a historical perspective up to the present day tools required for navigating the modern music marketing and 21st century music world.

An introductory workshop session, presented by Music Moves Europe preparatory action project MC&S Lab, promoted by Music Export Polandtogether with CNMand Why Portugal, the session aims at explaining the common workflows - and revenue flows - of the main three sub-sectors of the music industry ecosystem: Recorded Music, Music Publishing, and Live; as well as how modern marketing and metrics tools have come to impact songwriters, publishers and labels in their goals of getting their music out to more people.

The workshop will be delivered via a presentation (aprox. 45 mins) followed by Q&A (aprox. 20 mins). 

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

With over 20 years music industry experience in Canada, UK, and Portugal, Nuno Saraiva is the Executive Director of the WHY Portugal export office and music exchange platform, founded in 2016. Saraiva is also co-founder of Portugal’s first PRO conference and showcase Festival Westway LAB, which started in 2014, and is also the founding President of the AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Trade Association, founded in 2012.
He is a Board Member of IMPALA, the European Music Companies Association in Brussels; and also Board Member of EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange, in representation of WHY Portugal.


This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe: