Workshop: Synch In Modern Music: An Introduction (Markus Linde)

On May 7th, at 11:00 CEST, Markus Linde will present a workshop: Synch In Modern Music: An Introduction. Markus, being a veteran of independent synch brokerage with a proven track record in the music business, will give you an insight into the structures, the processes, the people - and the opportunities in the music industry.

This workshop provides a basic introduction to Synch:
the different areas of film, television, and advertising, and how you want to approach them
the requirements, the considerations and the opportunities for a professional career in Synch
how can Synch be important for your career as a recording artist?
managers, publishers, labels, agents, societies: how are they important in Synch?

Get first-hand information and experience, that can help you with career-defining decisions.

 Markus Linde has been successfully running his thag’s agent imprint for some 16 years now. With a long professional history in the record business (marketing, A&R), publishing and artist management, he draws from experience and knowledge, as well as from a love of music. Markus is also a speaker at international conferences and consulting contributor to workshops and seminars. He is founding member and Project Leader of the Europe in Synch project, a MUSIC MOVES EUROPE Preparatory Action with the support of CREATIVE EUROPE.
The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

Link to registration: