Workshop: “The role of the music publisher on an international level” (Marie Nowak & Rachel Graham)

MC&S Lab presents: “The role of the music publisher on an international level” by Marie Nowak & Rachel Graham. The workshop will take place on Friday, May 21st, at 11:00 CEST.

  • What is the role of a music publisher?
  • Why do you need one?
  • If you are a songwriter, what does a publisher do to help you?

In this discussion with two professionals in the music publishing sector, we will discuss their careers, their varied and rich experiences, and the artists they’ve worked with.
We will also discuss more generally the role of a music publisher. We will tackle the do’s and don’ts when approaching a publisher, what can be expected or not from them. Then, we will go deeper into the role on a practical level, and what the position of a publisher is in the artists’ entourage (label, live, etc.). How can the publisher help their writers to work beyond their domestic borders?
Another aspect that will be discussed is the kind of A&R role publishers can have: how do they go about scouting for new talent? They have a role of administering the catalog, placing the songs: can they also deal with creative aspects, such as finding sessions, collaborations?
All this and more will be discussed, so please join us on Friday for a very informative chat!

The event will take place on ZOOM, participation requires signing up.

This workshop is a part of MC&S LAB program which is funded by Music Moves Europe:

About the lecturers:

Marie Nowak
Former VP A&R Publishing and Recordings at BMG

After law studies, Marie had the unexpected luck to be hired by a music giant called PolyGram in 1977. Once hired as a lawyer, luck stroke again and her boss decided she had what it takes to become an A&R (probably seeing her day and night in our demo room with songwriters when her legal chores were piling on my desk…).
For many years she has been experimenting almost every job in the music industry, in publishing companies or labels, big or small, in her own PR and management company for ten years, and decided that being a publisher was definitely her thing.
This is why she spent the last twenty years being a publisher, as an A&R for BMG Publishing and then as VP A&R Publishing and Recordings for BMG.

“I strongly believe SONGS are and will always be the foundation of every success, in any genre.”

Her very first success story as a baby A&R was a song called « Chacun fait ce qui lui plaît » by Chagrin d’Amour and the last signing she is proud of as a publisher is a genius multi-awarded artist called Jeanne Added. During her 40 years career, she had the pleasure to work with many outstanding songwriters, William Sheller, Serge Gainsbourg, Diam’s who was the first French female MC, more recently Francis Cabrel and Alain Souchon, the Chedid family around a brilliant French Allstars project called « Le soldat rose », Gaëtan Roussel (leader of multi-million seller band Louise Attaque and one of France’s most valuable songwriters).

Rachel Graham
Publisher, Passé Projects & Infiné

Event curation and programming, large-scale event management, label consultant, artist management, booking agent, project management, brand partnerships, business affairs, creative consultancy, music publishing... In her 19 years of working in the music industry there are not many spheres in the industry that Rachel has not experienced.
Starting from Glasgow's art and club scene with Optimo Espacio, moving to London with Franz Ferdinand, landing in France keenly focused on music publishing (Passé Publishing & InFiné Éditions) in Paris - with numerous projects and artist management (Ivan Smagghe, K-X-P, and Matias Aguayo) in between - including joining in 2015, and helping to found the French chapter in 2017... it continues to be a full and interesting ride !