Canadian Music Week 2020 - Spotlight on Poland

Canadian market ready for Poles

Spotlight on Poland is a special event of Canadian Music Week 2020 (CMW) presenting the Polish music sector on the Canadian market.
Ten bands from Poland, selected by the organizers of the CMW, will play concerts during the week-long festival. Polish experts and industry representatives will take part in panel discussions and business meetings organized especially for them. Thanks to the promotion and support of the Canadian side, the presence of the Polish delegation at Canadian Music Week will be visible in the media
and festival publications. Spolight on Poland is a result of the activities of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Music Export Poland Foundation.

Canadian Music Week
Canadian Music Week (CMW) in Toronto will be held in 2020 for the thirty-eighth time. It is one of the largest and oldest conferences addressed to representatives of the new technology and media industries, accompanied by a music festival of equally impressive size. The numbers speak for themselves - every year the conference is visited by about 3000 delegates who participate in fairs, panels and concerts of several hundred bands, which have a unique opportunity to sign a contract with promoters, concert agencies or record labels. The conference and festival is a place of meetings and intensive work for managers, agents and publishers. The aim is to establish new business contacts and gain support for their artists in Canada from representatives of the local music market.

The road to the CCA 2020
Despite the fact that Spotlight on Poland at the CMW will be held in May 2020, Music Export Poland is already preparing for it. The final phase of this process will be the selection of delegates who will travel with MExP to Canada next year. We encourage you to follow the new articles appearing in this tab of the CMW 2020 - Spotlight on Poland, informing about the preparations. Maybe it is with you that we will represent the Polish music industry at Canadian Music Week 2020.

Download Poland Market Access Guide prepared by MExP for CAAMA The Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts.

CAAMA 2020 Poland Market Access Guide.pdf